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We’re back with a big one …

2012-2013 have been mostly about Portugal trips and our wedding. The great thing above and beyond the wedding is that it is often if not always followed sometime and somehow by a trip, the honeymoon. For ours we are lucky … Continue reading

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Change of plans

Sadly our attempt to book a trip to Tanzania fell flat. The company we chose were one person short of a full group. Now instead of venturing far away from home for our annual adventure holiday we decided on one … Continue reading

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Pampas Del Heath

At the end of our second day in the rainforest we took a three hour hike out to Pampas del Heath. Pampas del Heath is basically a jungle version of a savanna. It’s the strangest thing one in a way … Continue reading

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Piranha Fishing

That’s right, we went piranha fishing. Rather than write out what actually happened in detail, I’m going to be lazy, give a summary here and let you watch the video below. Went to a small lake into a paddle boat. … Continue reading

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Clay Lick and the Macaws, Day 2

So day two of our journey in the Amazon, we rose (I say rose and not woke up, because believe me, I was sleep walking) at 5AM. We got dressed and headed to our boat with the bird clay lick … Continue reading

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The Amazon Basin, Day 1

So, after one day in Cusco, we were off again. We are flying from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado to reach the Amazon Basin. The first destination, a tiny little jungle lodge on the Heath river just inside Bolivia where we … Continue reading

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Exchanging Currency in Peru

Finding a place to change money in Peru was a breeze — IF you are exchanging dollars. I should note Euros are becoming more common. There are exchange stations everywhere, however the rates are dreadful. You can go to the … Continue reading

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Damn, I’m High …

So we landed in Cusco … and the first thing we noticed was the altitude … *huff* Compared to London, Cusco is death-defyingly high! The highest point in London according to the internet is a mere 245 meters (804 ft). … Continue reading

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Packing for Peru

Right, so what do you pack for a week in the jungle and then a trek in the Andean Mountains up to 4,200 meters above sea level? The answer is … a lot. You don’t carry everything (as we will … Continue reading

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PG16 – “Cheap Flights” – The hidden costs in 50p flights.

PG16 – “Cheap Flights” – A very entertaining video about the hidden costs in lowest cost airfares with flights for 50 pence. We should be frugal in our travel planning and budgeting but those who have tried a lowest cost … Continue reading

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