Flights Booked to Peru

Thanks to the great Anna at “Corporate Traveller” we now have our tickets to Peru booked for about £200 less in total than if we had booked directly with Iberia. Thanks to Anna’s help the booking was hassle-free for us too.

Going from London, to Madrid, then to Lima and finally from Lima to Cusco, we’ll be travelling for over 20 hours, but it will be so worth it.

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  • JueSeMa

    Hi you two!
    That’s a very nice little site you’ve done! Congrats!
    And you can tell that somebody is really looking forward to the trip! ;-)

    I’m sorry to say, but I wouldn’t have chosen IBERIA…
    Service and food is crap.
    Check out:

    So as you’ve booked the flight through an agency you might have a chance to rearrange at least the long haul without excessive extra costs.
    Probably LAN is a better choice.
    I would consider it – if I were you!

    All the best,

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out our new travel blog!

      Thanks for your concern. Based on the ratings LAN seams the better choice.
      However, the passenger reports are almost exclusively from flights in and
      around South America, as well as between there and North America. This seems
      to confirm again the info coming out of our research.

      Our options were BA, Iberia, and LAN. BA often uses Iberia for their Latin
      America flights (merger) but is costlier than Iberia. LAN uses Iberia for
      many of their co-shared flights from Europe to South America long-haul.
      Iberia was significantly more affordable than BA, and based on our findings
      for EU-SthAm better than LAN. Our travel agency also confirmed this. Given
      the cost of the flights we went with Iberia.

      In any case there’s only one way to find out for real and that’s to fly. We
      will obviously report back. We’re sunny people when travelling and I’m sure
      flight staff on Iberia will mirror our smiles and friendliness. :)

    • Anonymous

      Which airline operated your flight to Brazil actually?

      • JueSeMa

        Swiss (via Zurich)
        Good value for money.