Vaccinations Done

Given that we will spend a week in the rainforest (Peru/Bolivia) and a week on the trail in Peru we were advised by our local medical centre to get a good helping of jabs and of course Malaria tablets.

In general getting so many jabs is ok, but when you get two or three in one sitting you definitely feel it the next morning, sometimes with fever like symptoms.

Rabies was also suggested but we opted not to get those as we won’t handle wildlife but merely hope to observe. However we may get some more advice from the jungle lodge once we make that booking.

In general if you are caving or spelunking it’s highly recommended, bats are big carriers of the disease. The nurse actually said more people get rabies from petting or playing with stray animals than in than in the wild.

When traveling somewhere new it’s always prudent to check with medical professionals about any precautions that you should or may want to take. Also remember that getting all these jabs and medication can become expensive so make sure you plan it as part of your trip budget. Luckily a lot of the vaccines and boosters usually last for several years, so once you’ve got them you won’t have to repeat the exercise too often. We’re thinking of it as an investment for future trips :-).

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