Piranha Fishing

That’s right, we went piranha fishing. Rather than write out what actually happened in detail, I’m going to be lazy, give a summary here and let you watch the video below.

  1. Went to a small lake into a paddle boat.
  2. Tied boat to a tree near a shallow quiet area.
  3. Baited our lines (with chicken skin, piranhas will eat just about anything from what our guide told us).
  4. Caught 4 yellow bellied piranhas!
  5. Georg gutted and cleaned the fish (it’s a long part of the video, for those not interested just skip ahead).
  6. Ate our fried piranha fish, gotta say not the worst tasting, pretty yummy even!
  7. Collect bragging rights because, well … how many people get to fish for and eat piranhas?

The video is nearly ten minutes long, so feel free to skip to the good bits. Enjoy the video.

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  • Stesla1978

    an unusual and very special meal – would like to try as well

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. On their own they won’t make enough of a meal. There is a bit of
      meat on them and quite a few bones that are fun to eat. We had them as more
      of a side-dish to our dinner.