So What About 2011?

While we’re usually trying to go somewhere neither of us have been to before it is not like the planet is not big enough to have lots of places worth visiting more than one. People seemed to agree with this as far as our choice for 2011 is concerned for thousands of years. In fact even the Romans developed our destination into a tourist attraction some 2,000 years ago. At that stage it was already some 2,000 years old. The choice 2011 is of course Egypt. So far we have planned it out as follows. 2-3 days in Cairo to visit Gizeh, a few markets, the museum, and have dinner with Di’s work mates. Then we will take the sleeper train to Luxor. The remaining 7 or so days we will explore Luxor, the Valley of Kings and lots of other places in the middle and south of Egypt. Any suggestions?

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