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Piranha Fishing

That’s right, we went piranha fishing. Rather than write out what actually happened in detail, I’m going to be lazy, give a summary here and let you watch the video below. Went to a small lake into a paddle boat. … Continue reading

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Clay Lick and the Macaws, Day 2

So day two of our journey in the Amazon, we rose (I say rose and not woke up, because believe me, I was sleep walking) at 5AM. We got dressed and headed to our boat with the bird clay lick … Continue reading

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The Amazon Basin, Day 1

So, after one day in Cusco, we were off again. We are flying from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado to reach the Amazon Basin. The first destination, a tiny little jungle lodge on the Heath river just inside Bolivia where we … Continue reading

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Tambopata Rainforest Experience at Heath River Wildlife Center and Sandoval Lake booked

After tons and tons of research we finally narrowed the available options of rainforest operators down and booked with Inka Natura. So far the interaction with them has been perfect. All positive reviews about them inspired confidence and we couldn’t … Continue reading

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