The Amazon Basin, Day 1

So, after one day in Cusco, we were off again. We are flying from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado to reach the Amazon Basin. The first destination, a tiny little jungle lodge on the Heath river just inside Bolivia where we spent three days.

After a short one hour flight from Cusco we arrived on the airstrip at Puerto Maldonado’s International Airport. This place was tiny, open, had no air conditioning, and just one runway, it felt really rural. The heat was the first thing we noticed, in Cusco it was a comfortable 20 degrees (68 Fahrenheit), Puerto Maldonado was more like 35 degrees (95 F), add 80% to 90% humidity and you’ve got some mighty powerful heat. Our tour guides picked us up from the terminal and we headed over to their base. From there we met our guide for the next 6 days, lovely fellow by the name of Caesar, and headed to the boat to take us to the jungle lodge.

WARNING: When entering the jungle you will be on a boat for hours at a time. My advice use the loo before you leave!

So anyways we were on this little boat for about 4 hours on the Madre de Dios river eventually we got to Bolivia. We had lunch on the way in the boat, a kind of Peruvian stirfry in a big jungle leaf.

Shortly after crossing the border we headed into a smaller river (Heath River), where we saw lots of birds and turtles hanging about. In about an hour we arrived to ice cold welcome lemonades and an empty lodge to ourselves! Below is a photo of the bungalows, amAzing right?

Heath River Wildlife Center, Tambopata Rainforest, Bolivia

So we settled in, got acquainted with the lodge and spent our afternoon on a short hike through the jungle seeing mostly flora, fauna, insects and a few tiny frogs. We went to bed early because the following day we would get up at 5AM to go looking for parakeets and macaws at a local clay-lick.

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